Change Cell

Just like the NSS, NCC, Blink Foundation aims to be a part of the school’s extended activity/club, which can benefit both the students of the school as well as the involved college students as Change Agents. The Change Ambassador will be the President of the Change Cell, overlooking the activities of the cell. The whole point of establishing a Change Cell is to invite constructive decision making from the students and preparing them for the roles of the future. Students can suggest ways to conduct change classes and the methodology of delivering them through the change cell. They can have a say in devising their own programmes.

Every Change cell should conduct a capacity building training workshop, demo classes, school engagements, change class assessments and finally participation in Blink programmes.

The Change Cell includes programs for inculcating Value Education, Reading Culture, Ignite Science Exhibition, Sapling, Debate, Parenting and many more. It aims at:

* Building confidence in children
* Enhancing the reading abilities and understanding of students
* Parenting – for parents to understand and assist their children that compliment with the teaching in school
* Enhance the thinking skills of students through Meta cognitive activities
* Stimulating students towards social action
* Nurturing students to celebrate differences

As a person being a part of the change cell, the college student too has an opportunity here:

* Professional & talent enhancement, teaching skills, leadership qualities, public speaking etc.
* Value addition to CV
* Certificate
* Knowledge trips
* Student exchange opportunities: Through which they obtain a varied social and cultural exposure by means of national and international events.