Change Ambassador

A Change ambassador is the harbinger of Value ecosystem to an educational institution.

With change agents trying to bring about change in every school, there is relentless effort involved in organizing a change class in a school, starting from the beginning of establishing contact with the school to pitching Blink’s vision of value education.

Blink Foundation, believing in a holistic approach, will nominate a Change Ambassador (has to be a change agent) from every college we have a change agent from. The Change Ambassador will be the Foundation’s point of contact from the student’s perspective. All communication, events and scheduling of change classes, evaluations, meetings and group discussions of the foundation will be diverted through the Change ambassadors. He/she will be a primary source of contact and one on whom crucial activities will be dependent on.

So, the change ambassador will be responsible for:

* Coordination of communication from the foundation.
* Overlooking the smooth functioning of the Change Cell.
* Giving timely updates to the foundation regarding classes completed and scheduled for the month.
* Distributing work/subjects among the change agents.
* Keeping the change agents engaged in some activity of the foundation.