Our Projects
The Following are some of the Socially Inclined Activities that Blink has done and planned to do.

Flash Mob
As a part of our campaigning, we had flash mobs across different locations in Chennai for which RAACK Academy of Dance tied up with us. The theme was set to emphasize on gender equality thus the flash mob team itself had an equal number of boys and girls in it. We aimed to make people realize that all genders are equal, and no gender is superior because equality is what we believe in. At Blink Foundation, we believe that, as a society, we are collectively capable of accepting gender equality and casting away all the discriminatory practices that have made lives difficult for many.

Blink Foundation in association with Institute of Dialogue with Cultures & Religion (IDCR) conducts a 6 Day Workshop named Inter Religious Awareness & Practices (IRAP) that decides to do away the social taboos that prevails in a rational discussion of religion and opens the concept of religion to discourse and debate. It gives a platform for the students to understand the teachings and principles of different religions in order to accept the beliefs and understanding of the people around the globe.
IRAP is especially devoted for building inter-religious awareness strives to enlighten students on various faiths. Workshops are organized wherein the students are exposed to different styles of prayer and a broad range of beliefs and styles of devotion, thus creating a safe environment for religion through interactive sessions. Our movement is grounded on the belief that this could be discussed and rationalized through seminars by learned scholars and also field trips where the participants can practice rituals of all the religions.

Campaign Castaway
Campaign Castaway is an initiative to eradicate social evils by painting messages on garbage bins. The idea behind this was to paint messages that highlight several social issues, and implying that all such regressive thoughts that lead to these issues belong to trash bins and not in human minds.

Before the launch of our website, we at the Blink Foundation started with a pre-campaign – ‘Campaign Castaway’. We associated with Agsar Paints for this initiative and ‘Campaign Castaway’ consisted of student volunteers from various colleges and which was initiated to paint trash bins in and around the city.We flagged off the campaign in Loyola College with Actor Jeyam Ravi, Brand ambassador of Blink Foundation. Our volunteers painted messages on social issues like ‘Stop gender bias’, ‘Stop inequality’ and ‘Stop infanticide’, amongst others. We believe that trash cans are a unique medium which would make people stop and read what’s written and help get our message across. We believe that when dustbins are made attractive, people will be motivated to throw waste in them.

Sports for Equality
A sport is an excellent equalizer. Whether in the same team or in opposite teams, Sports tends a feeling of fraternity and friendship. On the mark of World Human Rights Day, Blink Foundation conducts sports competitions involving students from College and Enthusiastic youngsters from the nearby slum to inculcate an interest in sports. The Main Objective of this event is, each team with a mixture of college students and the youngsters from the slums emphasize equality and Human Rights despite the backgrounds they belong to.

Every Smile Counts
This campaign aims on the objective to bring in smile on everyone’s face. All our Blink volunteers gathered together in our Office bringing in all the possible eatables that they would collect and distributed them to poor kids and general public in Government schools, Marina Beach, Nungambakkam and Choolaimedu. This was also spread through a few charitable trusts, hospital and hostels for the poor.

Parenting Workshop
As a part of our Change Cell program, Blink in association with Center for Holistic Integrated Learning & Development (CHILD) organizes a Parenting workshop in all the schools that it’s associated with. This One day child intervention program educates the parent on child’s development, age-appropriate parenting practices and positive disciplinary practices so as to build a positive or alternative discipline to nurturing parenting skills. This helps to rebuild the relationship between the child and the parent.

Human Chain
Ignorance leads to tolerance; understanding leads to acceptance, acceptance leads to celebrating the difference. A human chain stressing this thought was organized, involving various college students from all walks of life across the Chennai city in Kutchery Road joining worship places of all the religions like Church, Mosque, Temple, Jain Temple etc. There were about 1000 + Volunteers from Colleges like Loyola, Stella, Ethiraj, MOP Vaishnav, WCC etc gathered by around 7am admist of a heavy rain and made this event an impactful one.

Peace of Art
Peace of Art is a noble venture by Blink Foundation aimed at peace education in Chennai schools, and promoting a public discourse of harmony between cultures and religions. It is an effort to employ art to instil in young minds in schools and create awareness of the necessity of peace and justice in society that is divided based on caste, religion, language and ethnicity. About More than 385 students from 12 schools in Chennai city participated in the competition of the previous edition.