What Will the Change Agents be Trained in?

Theatre, Team Dynamics, Story Telling Dynamics, Intrapersonal Skills, Social concern, Public Speaking and Neuro-Linguistic Program are some of the major areas that change agents will be trained in.

Who Will be Training Change Agents?

A set of eight members with corporate training expertise of 20 years will undertake the training for the change agents.

What are the major advantages of being part of Blink?

Working experience while in college, Social awareness, Corporate style of working, experience financial independence, a certificate at the end of the course, opportunity of getting placed in MNC‘s or areas of passion, a personalized portfolio for being market ready employees.

What Does Blink do for our Children?

Blink through change classes generates questioning and understanding on social concern, Values & ethics, religion & culture and environment & health through design thinking worksheets. Through our web portal we shall provide perspectives to all the queries of student’s age appropriately and assist them frequently. By using psychometric tests through which we can derive the development of each child’s Emotional Quotient, Social Quotient, Creative Quotient and Intelligence Quotient we provide you a personalized growth chart for your child.

What Kind of Placements Does Blink Offer?

Blink harts the track record of all the college students from the time they join till their last year of college through our metric system. Through that we identify what they are passionate about and the skills set that they posses, they get a personalized portfolio made by blink for them. Thus this portfolio helps us to link them to firms more suitable to their efficiency and passion. Some of the MNC’s we stay in touch with are: Infosys, Cognizant, EFL, TCS, Kerry Logistics, E21 Designs,Agni College of Engineering etc.

What Are the Rewards of Being a Change Agent?

Students receive a personalized portfolio that has their own growth chart from the time of joining till the end of their college life, a certificate of being a change agent. They also receive a travel allowance cum stipend up to 1000 per month along with certificates of training and travel exposure to various places.

What do I Have to Do in Change Class as a Change Agent?

You will be the Young facilitator for a class of 40 kids where you take our change class program. Coordinating with the change cells that are already indulging the social activities of the institution.Being aware of each child’s Social and mental growth process and be part of it.

How Long Can I be Part of Blink?

Once a blinker, always a blinker.As a school student, you can undergo our change classes program and also be a knowledge seeker on the website. As college student, you can be a change agent and be part of the change cell. As a parent, you can become a mentor for your own children to contribute in the various ways possible and also be as a social donor.

As a Parent How Can I Am a Part of Blink?

In the Blink Portal, all the questions being asked by students below 18years of age will be tagged automatically with their parents therefore the parents can monitor their queries and the answers that they get from the experts. Parents can also become social donors and support the activities being carried out in the schools where their children pursue.

I am a Teacher and Wish to Join Your Foundations Activities, How Do I Join?

You can be a change ambassador of our foundation.

Can One Contribute to the Activities of Blink foundation?

As a social donor you can adopt a change agent and their individual expenses that is 4,000/annum that in turn impacts the lives of 210 school kids. A donor can also support us by sponsoring one of our projects.

How Can I be a Change Agent?

If you are between 17-25 years of age and are committing yourself to spend on social change through 50 classes a year, you can join us. The first step for that would be you attending an orientation.

Can Everyone be a Change Agent?

Everyone can be a change agent. But in order to follow the system preferably a college student with an age limit of 17 – 24 or someone who can commit for more than 50 change classes a year would be ideal.

What is the Motive of Blink?

What is blink & vision link