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Blink helped me fulfill my dream of serving the society

I like being in blink because it’s different from the rest. It doesn’t exactly define “social work” but I think it has a better approach for the society. It aims to improve and upgrade the society starting from the youngest generation and is open to different perspectives and ideas. !!
Chelsea Lane

Blink has taught me to start with fear. Start with doubt.Start with hands shaking.Start with voice trembling but start.Start and don’t stop. Start where you are,with what you have.Just Start.
Soundarya T

From cribbing about the faults of the system, Blink enabled me to be the change and bring change
Shruthi K

Blink has a huge influence on the person I am today
Sagar Mohan

I love to be in Blink because it gives me a chance to invoke my social Concern and practice it in reality!!!

For the first time Blink showed me how it feels like to serve the society through my deeds

Blink gave me the chance to contribute to our future as it starts from the base and makes us realise that what is most important is to keep our humanity intact
Divya Nair

I love working in blink because it has changed my perspective of work. Blink has helped me to improvise in all round activity and behaviour towards others. It gave me tons of confidence to face any kind of situation in life. Just the name blink puts a smile on my face. Feeling so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family
Divya S

I like being a change agent because change is the only thing which we can’t i would like to be one of the agents to bring those changes in everyone
Hanna Bensi

Why can’t the two concepts truths and belief be correct and co exist at the same time?? This question made me join in blink and Blink makes us celebrate the differences around us.
Amrita Xavier

Being a change agent helped me change the mindset of people. It also helped me to impart values into the coming generation.

Blink has been a platform for fun and joy. Only by looking back I realise the immense learning and exposure I had gone through

Blink told me how important it is to celebrate difference and this small change I made in my life changed me completely
Prince Manuel

I like to be in blink because it has really changed the way I am. It has made me confident, spiritual, and more over I was able to discover myself. Being in blink is really fun. I got to make a lot of new friends who are so cheerful and the change classes are so interesting and filled with fun.

I like being a Change Agent with Blink because, it gives me a chance to change the people who are living in ignorance of the world. The major part of it lies in the younger generation. By imparting good and intellectual knowledge I am being part of a good cause.

Blink has been my window to the outside world. Today I spread what I have received through Blink so that I see the change I saw in myself

I like blink because the concept of blink to celebrate the dignity of difference had first changed our own life among everyone.Happy to be a part of blink family
Raihana Nafia

Blink has been the place where I have celebrated the change by bringing change and being the change. It helped me discover my own skills and talents.
Abhinaya Shree

Blink showed me how the little things we do in life creates a huge impact on the society
Shwetha Gai

“Blink not only creates change agent, but also creates a Changed world”

It has given me a platform to understand myself. Being a Change agent is the happiest thing you can do.The satisfaction you receive at Blink is purely priceless.
Muhammed Ihthisham

I like being a change agent because, it has given me the opportunity to support the society and instill positive thoughts in the young minds to create a better world. It has also helped me improve myself, develop my skills and to understand the needs of the community. I see the change in me, through Blink, towards the society. Let’s celebrate the difference!

I like being a change agent because the name change agent reveals that i’m changed and i’m changing others too towards accepting the differences around us

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