Welcome to Blink Foundation

Blink is a not-for-profit organisation that looks to do away with social differences and promote acceptance, harmony and unity.

Change Agents
School Students


  • I like to be in blink because it has really changed the way I am. It has made me confident, spiritual, and more over I was able to discover myself. Being in blink is really fun. I got to make a lot of new friends who are so cheerful and the change classes are so interesting and filled with fun.

  • I like being a change agent because the name change agent reveals that i’m changed and i’m changing others too towards accepting the differences around us

  • I like blink because the concept of blink to celebrate the dignity of difference had first changed our own life among everyone.Happy to be a part of blink family

    Raihana Nafia
  • Blink has taught me to start with fear. Start with doubt.Start with hands shaking.Start with voice trembling but start.Start and don’t stop. Start where you are,with what you have.Just Start.

    Soundarya T